Who We Are

INDOARAB INTERPRISE was established on 1998 with recruits many young people employee with high dedication, to be reliable educated personnel in a work group to support the future.

Engage in charcoal briquette production, which is consumes by Middle Eastern society especially Saudi Arabia.
INDOARAB INTERPRISE attempting to improve their business and
expanding its marketing reach. Our commitment is to maintaining
quality with the aim of gaining customer trust and satisfaction.

What We DO?

We offer all-in-one charcoal briquette product that provides master box, inner box, plastic, and the best quality of charcoal itself.
Any size and quality according your own request.



To be the leading charcoal briquette company that is able to meet the needs of charcoal briquette around the world.


Global Player – Innovative – Integrity – Costumer Focused

Let Us Take You Through

Our Process and Product


Sneak Peek

Let me show you where the magic happen


Percentage of Export

Even though there are already manufactured cigarettes, shisha culture hasn’t changed the traditions among people in the Middle East region. It is proven by our very large export figures in the Middle East.

Even there’s manufactured cigarettes, other country still use charcoal  briquette for bbq or room heater on winter.


More Than 10 Country

For over 22 years in the hookah industry, we are proud to have produce famous brands from around the world.

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